If I only had a crypto hedge fund

If I had a crypto hedge fund I would naturally be heavy in the top 10 market capitalization leaders however there are 4 not in the top 10 that I feel currently stand out in today’s crypto economy. The first being OmiseGo coin also known as OMG. In addition to having a catchy name, they are targeting southeast asia who has a large number of people online but lacking banking options. This coupled with an outstanding team backing them creates a high probability for success. Current market Capitalization is a tad under $1 Billion.

Next on my list of sleeper crypto’s is the Blockchain-as-a-service(BaaS) platform known as Stratis. Stratis uses a side chain outside of the main chain which serves as a security measure by always keeping the main blockchain intact. It was designed for the financial sector and security was it’s primary focus. Current market cap is just over $600 Million.

Third would have to be BitShares. With a market capitalizaiotn of $400 Million, this company looks poised for exponential growth. With the ability to determine the account balance in any currency or commodity, BitShared offers a unique look at understanding intrinsic value.

Last would have to be the 2013 MIT Hackathon winner Siacoin. SC’s competitive advantage is that it allows users to rent unused storage from their peers. Nodes provide storage using the Sia blockchain as contracts. Market Cap is around $275 Million.

So there you have it, I could be rich if I only ran a crypto currency hedge fund. 😉

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